The Rules for Maritime Radio Day which is held annually to remember nearly 90 years of wireless service to seafarers.


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Maritime Radio Day

Rules for Maritime Radio Day - MRD - 2014

Maritime Radio Day is held annually to remember nearly 90 years of wireless service to seafarers. From its beginnings in 1900, the service was in use mainly until the end of 1998.

Radio Officers of the former merchant marine
are requested to register!

  1. Date: 14th April 12.00 GMT 15th April 22.00 GMT
  2. Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m & 10m & WARC
  3. Mode: CW only
  4. Power: not limited
  5. QSO
    Exchange QSA, QRK, name, callsign of last or favorite ship / aircraft / maintance company *.
    QSA 1 .. 5, strength of receive signal
    QRK 1 .. 5, readability
    and additionally a tr, msg and/or a qtc if you like
  6. Silence Periods need no longer be observed
  7. Deadline for submission of MRD logs is 1st of May.
  8. Certificate of participation ( CoP)
    SWL's - send a complete log to be able to verify qso data by selection.
    Licenced operators - send a postcard / letter with number of qsos with – ship stations - coast stations – special stations – other Amateur contacted.
    Send your application with data and your email adress to :
    Rolf Marschner
    Narzissenweg 10
    53359 Rheinbach
    Certificate is only available by e-mail!
  9. Results of MRD-NC will be published on MRD homepage - results

QSL cards
Each participant manages their own QSL cards. There is no qsl manager.

General Comment:
Coastal radios and ship's callsigns should be operated only by former Commercial or Navy operators and from radio technicians who worked in the brand of installation and in the
mainenance of coastal and ship's radios equipments and antennas. Please state the certificate type and year of issue on your registry mail

* Radio Company (RAMAC, DEBEG, SAIT, MIMCo, etc )

Example QSO :

cq mrd cq mrd cq mrd de dl9cm dl9cm dl9cm k

dl9cm de ik6ijf gm rolf QSA5 hr is alfredo shipname/ikky or last ship was ikky k

ik6ijf de dl9cm gm alfredo QSA 5 op rolf shipname/dlcm or last ship was dlcm

ik6ijf de dl9cm tnx 73 .-.-

or put details in a telegram like this :

Origin nr xx ck zz date time = address = qsa x qrk y shipname call = signature+ or similar

The above are only examples . You may send different content, but the least you must include are QSA, name, ship call sign or number!

Above based on Version 8.1 13h January 2014
rulesmrdnc.doc -


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