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Awarua Radio ZLB VLB

Awarua Radio was the final of three maritime radio stations constructed by Telefunken for the New Zealand General Post Office,

Under the callsign VLB, the station commenced operation on 18th December 1913, using a 50KW Telefunken spark transmitter.     The antenna was an umbrella type on a 410 foot high mast which weighed over 120 tons and sat on glass insulators.

The purpose of the station was to provide ship to shore communication and weather reports for shipping in the southern ocean, including whaling ships travelling to and from the Ross Sea.

The station's callsign changed to ZLB on 1st January 1929.    

In 1988, when the QSL card below was issued, the station continued to provide radio communications to international shipping and remote localities on frequencies from 500kHz to 22MHz.

Celebrating 75 years of Awarua Radio ZLB VLB
The photograph is of the operating position at Awarua Radio VLB
as it was during the 1920/1930's

Awarua Radio ZLB closed as an operational station at the end of August 1991.

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